There’s a Dark Side to Heroic Leadership, and It’s Haunting Most Organizations

In her recent TED Talk, Margaret Heffernan, an entrepreneur, former CEO of five companies and author, discussed an experiment on productivity by evolutionary biologist William Muir at Purdue University.  Muir was interested in productivity and leverages experiments with chickens for one simple reason — their productivity is easy to measure because you can just count […]

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Building a Better Boss

Imagine you ran an airline, but your planes would only be able to fly 30% of the time. What if you ran a utility and only generated 30% of the energy that your plants are capable of?   Doesn’t sound like good business, does it? You’d likely need to make some quick decisions and get those […]

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Silence is a Killer

Recently, I had the pleasure hearing of Former Vice Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, Bill Owens speak to a small group of executives.   Coming up the ranks from a nuclear submariner, Owens recalled a conversation he had with one of his most trusted advisors when he first made the upper echelons of the […]

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