There’s a Dark Side to Heroic Leadership, and It’s Haunting Most Organizations

In her recent TED Talk, Margaret Heffernan, an entrepreneur, former CEO of five companies and author, discussed an experiment on productivity by evolutionary biologist William Muir at Purdue University.  Muir was interested in productivity and leverages experiments with chickens for one simple reason — their productivity is easy to measure because you can just count […]

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Why we have Customer Phobia

You’re sitting in a project room working on your next big product. The ideas are flowing; you have this feeling that you’re onto something.   For the next few months, it is ‘all-hands on deck’ to get the product out to the market.   Your team spends tireless hours planning, building, launching and marketing. A few months […]

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Admitting You Have a Problem

A leaked internal report that looks at how the New York Times is performing in terms of its digital strategy has made headlines this past week.   The comprehensive report (dubbed by some as a manifesto), was commissioned by former editor Jill Abramson in what started as skunk-works that would come up with digital projects, but […]

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