There’s a Dark Side to Heroic Leadership, and It’s Haunting Most Organizations

In her recent TED Talk, Margaret Heffernan, an entrepreneur, former CEO of five companies and author, discussed an experiment on productivity by evolutionary biologist William Muir at Purdue University.  Muir was interested in productivity and leverages experiments with chickens for one simple reason — their productivity is easy to measure because you can just count […]

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This Is The New Battleground In Business

There’s a new battleground in business.   It isn’t about money, resources, or scale.  It’s not even about brand. In the past decade, Apple has been very successful at disrupting traditional industries by introducing products that offer incredible experiences to consumers and businesses. Apple fearlessly took on incumbents such as Sony, Nokia and Blackberry, who were […]

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Evolving Sales for Value Co-Creation

It’s another Monday morning meeting with your customer.   This time, you sharpen your pitch. You put all the use-cases and customer success stories on the table.   Your customer doesn’t even flinch.   Because you’ve done business together in the past, she kindly tells you that your product is a commodity and she’ll only sign up if […]

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