Reuven Gorsht

I offer compelling insights on the future of business and organizational culture.   My top objective is to engage people into thinking differently see how opportunities and threats can be approached in new ways.

During every talk, no matter the topic, I strive to challenge the conventional notions of leadership and how we run companies, enabling leaders to understand how to form and act on the next paradigms that are needed to run innovative organizations.  We usually cover a journey of evolution, taking lessons from the past, present and future to offer compelling solutions from my personal experience on how to take action and execute for success.

Consider me to speak at your event if:

  1. You are looking to “shake things up” with a different, provocative point of view.
  2. You are striving to get people to break out from the norm and think differently.
  3. Your organization or industry is going through major change and is looking for new ways to move forward.

My recent keynote topics include:

Strategy is Dessert for Culture’s Feast – Innovation is the Main Course – What does it really take to be an innovative organization?  Is it money?  resources?  scale? talent?.    Reuven takes you through a journey full of examples that illustrate that the first and foremost criteria to success is having a the right culture for innovation.   Read more

Disruptors Don’t Play by The Rules –  How to Hack You Corporate Culture.   Disruption is everywhere and every CEO is asking “how can we change faster”.  The secret sauce is not a new strategy, it is about transforming your culture to be adaptable to change.   Dispelling what we know about traditional change management, Reuven introduces the notion of hacking a culture from within.  He shares numerous examples of organizations that use Culture Hacking for their competitive advantage, along with a few hacks you can use today.   Read more

New Problems Require New Approaches:  The Rise of the Generalist – Almost every company as we know it has specialist organizations to support its business priorities, but what happens when the organization needs to solve a big hairy problem or launches a new business model that requires all-hands on deck?  Reuven illustrates how the modern organization often fails to solve problems due to a major skills gap.   He outlines what a Generalist 2.0 looks like and the value they bring to problem-solving and innovation in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.   Read more

Revealing the New – Fundamentally, the change that is occurring in front of our eyes has a lot to do with the core way of how businesses create and capture value. The very foundational principles that many existing companies have been built and grew on are being challenged every day.   As we move from defined products to co-creation of value, any new ideas will be accepted, rejected or ignored because of how they’re understood. Preparing markets for innovation requires unusual creativity to achieve clarity around the problem or the proposition. Reuven shares techniques and examples that humanize the innovation by telling compelling stories. He will explore bringing the complex, unfamiliar and still-emerging innovations to life with artifacts, prototypes and demonstrations, taking customers on a journey of co-creating their future with our organizations.  Read more

Innovation Keynote Speaker

My upcoming speaking engagements:
Toronto, Canada – May 12, 2015:  Roundtable at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Montreal, Canada – May 31 – June 2, 2015: Engagement + Impact: Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) 2015 National Conference

Krakow, Poland – June 15 – 17, 2015:  Association of Business Services Leaders Conference 2015 (ABSL)

New York City – September 16 – 17, 2015: The 10th Product Management Leadership Summit

Sacramento, CA – Sept 17-22, 2015:  Innovate @TBD Fest

New York City – October 6-8, 2015: 3rd Annual Enterprise Gamification Summit

To check my availability or inquire about your event, please get in touch with me at reuven AT reuvengorsht.com and I’ll return your email ASAP.


Reuven Gorsht Keynote speaker

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